Political Punk -- the political handouts of Allen Bukoff

Constitutional Crisis. Impeach Bush Now.

Two buttons promoting a website
containing links to descriptions
of the current constitutional crisis in the United States.
Handed out during the first week in May, 2006.


There is a huge constitutional crisis in the United States.
The extremist Bush group is operating in secret
ignoring the US Constitution and whatever laws it chooses.
They are energetically blocking any attempts
to review the legality of their actions
or to hold them accountable
for their wars and their actions.
Worst of all,
they appear to be be trying to fix it
so that rightwing extremists
can permanently control the US government.

Most people don't understand this crisis and are just ignoring it.
For the rest of us it's like a bad dream...
we're in a crowded movie theater and a serious fire has broken out.
We've started yelling fire
but no one in the audience is moving.
The movie theater management, the news media,
and several rightwing evangelical Christian ministers
are telling the audience
that it's illegal to yell "fire" in a movie theater
and that they must ignore these absurd warnings.
The audience is just sitting there
...even as they begin to choke on the smoke.

[Somebody please wake me up.]

Both buttons came with the same two-sided paper tag.



© 2006 Allen Bukoff