The Bettys

In 1981 five Kent State University students created a rock band/performance group called The Bettys.
They were the coolest, artiest and most creative thing around.

You had to be there.

Rare live recordings of the Bettys.

Originally released on a self-produced cassette, "Music Saved My Soul."

Set One
46 minutes
Set Two
43 minutes

Whatever happened to The Bettys?

Let's call them up and ask them. 

The Bettys interviewed by telephone in 2005
Diane Glaub
San Francisco
Carolyn Getson
Jenifer McKitrick
San Francisco
Cissy Soluri
Lynn Okicki
drums, performance, vocals vocals, bass, performance performance, vocals, keyboards vocals, performance,
guitar, trumpet
vocals, guitar
Audio quality of these phone recordings is not great. Interviewer too loud/Bettys too soft. Adjust as needed.

What have they been doing?

A lot of very talented stuff. 
Carolyn Getson
Pea Soup  with Tim Gilbride

Recent songs on piano

Beautiful Parade
Open Boat

Smirk   band
with Diane Glaub

Everybody's Best Friend
[A music video/2004]

Diane has been in a ton of bands since The Bettys (see Swingin' Doors, at right).  Before Smirk she was in a Songs for Emma, a San Francisco band fronted by Tommy Strange (another Kent Stater formerly of 0DFx).  Check out Songs for Emma and their recordings here.

Jenifer McKitrick

Bottomless Cup
Come A Time
Come On Now
Love Is All You Are
So Far Gone


Swingin' Doors   band
Unhinged   CD/1995
w/ Jennifer McKitrick & Diane Glaub

I Came Down

Another ex-Kent Stater transplanted to San Francisco, Dwight Deen, also wrote songs, sang, and played guitar in Swingin' Doors.

Cruel, Cruel Moon   band
Still Life   CD/1995
with Carolyn Getson

Continuing Adventures of Pecos Bill

CCM website

Cissy Soluri

Mr. Piggy With The Top Hat On
[a little video she recently sent Jenifer]

Cissy and Jenifer had a band called Spank the Eggman when they both lived in Provincetown. They made a couple of demo tapes. We'll put them on the website when we get them.

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