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Click here for pin-making instructions.

Learn how to make your own laminated pins and badges like the ones shown below.

These laminated badges are a cool alternative to the standard round metal button. To make your own buttons you must get a special button machine and special button supplies or find a company who will make the buttons for you. Making laminated badges or pins will be a lot easier and more doable for most people. You can make laminated pins at most FedEx Kinko's (and other places) using their printing and laminating services. You then cut the laminated sheet of small paper images into smaller pieces, and add holes by using a hole punch. Add a safety pin and you've got a laminated badge that you can fasten to your clothes or any cloth surface. Laminated badges have other advantages over the traditional metal button--you can easily vary the size and shape of the badge. To do this with metal buttons you need to buy additional machines and different size button supplies. You can also easily put messages, text, or other images on the back of your image--something you can't do with metal buttons.

Click here for pin-making instructions.

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